Is Acupuncture Good for the Treatment of Pain?

* The answer is a resounding YES!

Acupuncture is famous in the treatment of any type of pain syndrome. It is the first choice method in Asia, especially China and Japan in the treatment and rehab of pain. Doctors from these countries prescribe acupuncture for pain because narcotic pain killers such a Codeine are not allowed for the general public. As knowledge increases, Acupuncture is currently becoming more well known in the US.

When Can I See Results from the Acupuncture Treatment?

With my patients I often find them having fantastic results only within the first 3 treatments, regardless of how severe. This is the honest truth.

I have case after case of patients...
  • coming in with walkers or canes and leaving without using them,
  • returning back to their sports game and performing well without problem
  • up all night with neck pain having their first good night sleep in months
  • saying they are returning back to their "normal" lives,
  • returning to work and being as productive as if nothing happened,
  • driving without pain from their sciatica
  • exclaiming they have no numbness running down their arms or legs

When Should I Come In?

As soon as possible. Very often I treat last case scenarios, patients who have tried everything else to ease their pain and get their lives back to "normal".

They often say if they had thought about Acupuncture sooner they could have alleviated so much grief, pain and frustration from their lives. Often people have been out of work or performing poorly for quite a while until they come in for treatment.

I say take care of the issue now, you have nothing to lose except the pain!


  • "I had hip pain for 8 months - I visited 2 orthopedic surgeons, had 2 MRI's (hip and spine) which showed orthopedic surgeon suggested I see Lea. My second visit I left Lea's office with minimal pain - I have continued with Lea and now have no pain!!! I now freely pass her business cards to friends and family." ~ E.F. Scottsdale Az.,

  • "Dear Lea: After only one of your treatments I felt like running for the first time in months. I forgot how it felt to be pain free after suffering with lower back pain for so long. You are great at the path you've chosen!" -Gwen Turner R.N.,

  • "After experiencing two appointments with severe pain in my buttocks and leg, I have no pain today. Lea is excellent at what she does and I highly recommend acupuncture with this lady!" GH, Scottsdale, AZ.,

  • When all seemed to not work, I found Lea Inoue and Acupuncture. The trouble was with a finger that hurt off and on, 24/7. Though highly skeptical, I needed relief, so here I was. The pain has gone from a 8 to a 3 on the 1 -10 scale. And now there are days with no pain at all. This treatment has been clearly successful in my case. ~ GL, Mesa, AZ,

  • "For the last ten months I have been receiving treatments from Dr Inoue. Words due seem inadequate to describe how much improved I am. Four weeks ago, I threw out my back where by I had to use a walker to get around. My condition is back to normal and I attribute all of this to her tender care. God, our Father, has gifted her with many talents. I do and will continue to highly recommend her to one and all. Thank You Lea." TGH Phoenix, AZ,

  • "Thank you so much for healing my knee. I am able to do so many more activities without any pain after four treatments. You're so awesome! Thank you! " M.R. Chandler, AZ

  • "After a serious case of Shingles, I tried many sources of help for the pain including medical and chiropractic. I finally decided to resort to Acupuncture. When I came in to Lea, my pain level was between a 7-8 on a scale of 1-10. In addition, I had many severe pain episodes during the day. After several treatments, the intermittent pain I experience has been reduced to a level 2. I am totally satisfied with the results and would recommend it to others." W. H. Blazier Mesa, AZ.,

  • "My only regret about acupuncture is not trying it sooner. I am recovering from a herniated disk in my lower back. After the first treatment, I felt more strength in my back (I could hold myself up and stand up taller) and the numbness in my foot was less. After 3 treatments, most of my symptoms were gone. Now, I am fine tuning my body to feel like it used to." - Sheri O'hara

  • "I have suffered from migraines for the last ten years with a headache almost every day of my life. I was very depressed and always in pain. I also suffered from sinus infections. Since two visits with Lea I have only experienced two headaches (that were not severe, I might add) and for the first time in three years I can blow my nose. I would have never imagined I would have this great of success. For me Lea is a miracle worker. I owe her a lot. I am smiling again." -- T. McMurphy

  • "During the course of receiving acupuncture treatment from Dr. Inoue, I have discovered a tremendous relief from pain that was caused by an auto accident. I have greater flexibility with an increase of energy." (back pain) -- K. Nicole, Scottsdale, AZ

  • "I came in to see Lea with a pain level of "9" which was acute pain and almost at the top of the scale - which is pain at a "10". After 5 weeks of treatment my pain is down by many points. Most importantly, I can now stand and walk without pain. Also, I am starting to play tennis again. Although I've received help from a Chiropractor and Orthopedic Surgeon, Lea has provided the pain relief I needed. I'm most indebted to her for my renewed health!" Carolyn Ed. S., Scottsdale Az./San Marcos Ca.,

  • "I am writing to say thank you for your help with my health. Since my second treatment with you, Lea, I have not had any pain in my tailbone and mid-back at all. My other pains have diminished greatly. Moreover, after the last treatment I noticed I have improved hearing in my left ear! Thank you again." A. S. Mesa, AZ ,

  • "My degree of pain was to the point of tears and emotional breakdown. Lea very compassionately with much professionalism addressed all the issues expediently. After one treatment; in one week my pain level has gone from a 9+ to a 6.5. I'm extremely satisfied with her and the results." (lower back and post surgical pain) ~ MF Phoenix, AZ,

  • "Acupuncture was my last resort before surgery. My pain has lessened greatly after only five treatments. I have already recommended acupuncture to my friends and colleagues." -- M. Rusco, Scottsdale, AZ

  • "Lea is professional, caring, and talented in her practice of acupuncture. She explains what she is doing and why, and always makes me feel confident. Today I came in with severe pain in my left leg and I left her office pain free."-- S. Meyer, Scottsdale, AZ

  • "Acupuncture has been the BEST treatment I have ever had since my accident ten years ago. Nothing has given me better results for my pain. When I first came in I was level 11. Since then, I have had days of no pain, which I had never experienced before acupuncture. Lea has helped me so much and I am grateful for her efforts. For anyone who is considering acupuncture I have to say it is the only reason for me feeling better." R. S. Scottsdale, AZ

  • "As a 54 weight lifter and hiker, I was limited in the enjoyment of these activities by debilitating tendinitis pain in my left elbow and a sore serratus back muscle. After just a few sessions, Dr. Inoue was successful in alleviating my pain. I can now more thoroughly engage in my favorite activities." -Adam Lee Scottsdale, AZ,

  • "Every day my body feels older and older and I feel like activities I have always been able to do easily are becoming more and more difficult. After just one treatment, my body is relaxed and loose. I am very highly satisfied." -- P. Wells Scottsdale, AZ,

  • "After just one session I felt so much better. The pain I'd had for weeks diminished dramatically. I'm so glad I came to Lea and recommend this experience." (upper back and neck pain) ~ R.S. Scottsdale, AZ,

  • "I started receiving major irritation, aching and stabbing in my back and neck about a year and a half ago when I was 15. I have received Xrays, cat-scans, neurological treatment - didn't really work. I went to physical therapy for 6 months, massage, chiropractor, still no lasting pain relief. As desperate as I was I would try anything because 6 Advils a day wouldn't work anymore. I tried Lea Inoue with Acupuncture, I personally didn't know much about it. I hoped and within the first session I couldn't stop smiling with relief. Now I am getting better everyday and look forward to a completely healed me. This really works!" In thanks ~ P.C. Scottsdale, AZ,

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